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I approached Jeana because I was experiencing a hormone imbalance, causing prolonged menstruation (months, even years long), inability to lose weight, headaches, cystic acne, fatigue, mental fog, and facial hair. Jeana helped me by getting to the root of the issue, nutrition. The results have been mind blowing, my menstruation cycle is finding it’s balance, energy levels are up, mental clarity has improved, and headaches are a no more. Though this is the tip of the iceberg, and I keep experiencing overall well being-ness, something I haven’t experienced in quite a long time. My hormone imbalance started as soon as I hit puberty. I have seen well over 15 different doctors since the age of 12, from gynecologist to specialists at UCLA. None of them were ever able to pinpoint the issue, though had no problem recommending medications, all of them only making me feel worse. One thing I appreciated was Jeana’s attention to me, she genuinely cared about my well being and you know that extends to everyone she helps. I found my experience working with Jeana to be one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. I would recommend Jeana to people who need help healing any aliment they suffer from, she offers a service that is truly life changing.

Crystal BarrettAge 28Bakersfield, California

I was very skeptical of the Brainwave Optimization process, but decided I had nothing to lose. I have had fibromyalgia for over 20 years, the pain, fatigue, sleep disturbance was unrelenting. I had been on several medications throughout the years, and I even tried acupuncture, but none of these gave me the relief I was looking for. By the third day of the optimization process, I was sleeping 7 to 8 hours and waking feeling refreshed. My pain level went from a 6.5 to 3. I had energy. It is now 4 months after my sessions and I still am enjoying these results. Did it cure my fibromyalgia? No. Did it make significantly enhance my life and make managing my fibromyalgia easier? YES! I have enjoyed traveling again, something that wasn’t easy to do in the past. I have the energy to volunteer in my community. My husband likes how I have reclaimed my life and so do I.


I had a very great experience with Imaginal Mind and Body. I was very confident with the staff and they made me feel supported as I went through my journey.

I learned the importance of feeding our whole body and its connection to our brain health through Jeana. She helped me make choices that included things I enjoy while I let go of choices I had been making that were counterproductive to the results I really wanted to feel within myself.

After going through my ten session Brainwave Optimization intensive with Joy I have been able to stay focused and think clearly in all parts of my life. I went from broken sleep; 2-3 hours at a time to sleeping 6-8 hours peacefully. My mind and body feel more balanced and harmonized than they ever have and having this awareness of their synchronicity keeps me dedicated to this new life path I have created for myself with their team’s help.

I believe this combination they offer would truly benefit absolutely everyone and feel very blessed to have found them and treat myself to it, I hope you do to.

KellyAge 44Duncan, BC

Joy and Jeana – and team!

During a very hard time in my life I found Joy and Jeana. My time spent with them doing brain optimization and nutrition was very positive. I was treated very well, and was always relaxed during my sessions. While I didn’t have a lot of hope, Joy had that hope and positive energy for me. Will never forget my time spent with them. I would recommend this journey to anyone willing to give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

CarlaAge 43Duncan, BC

Just thought I would send a little message, I am starting to feel really really well! Slowly getting over the hump of probably sugar withdrawals etc. I’v still not had a coffee, its been hard but I will totally look forward to when I decide to have one. Just thought I would share some of whats been happening… I have had no anxiety, sleeping amazing, skin is looking really well… tummy isn’t nearly as puffy, I’v lost 8 lbs in only 5 days and I finally feel like I am on my way! YAY can’t wait to hear what is in store during our next session xo

L.KAge 32Cowichan Valley

So, it’s been 2 weeks since I started a program with Jeana from Soul Food Adventuresss- Living Healthy + Holistic and I have to say, I feel WONDERFUL! I called Jeana for a phone consultation and she emailed me a 5 day nutritional plan to use. I started on Monday Sept. 29th and did my first weigh in on the following Friday. Yesterday (Friday) I did another weigh in and had lost 2 lbs! More importantly though, by day three I really noticed how much better I was feeling. By day 5 I was AMAZED at the energy that I had and still continue to have each and every day! Jeana is fantastic, she has gone to school to learn about proper nutrition using real food. If you’re sick and tired of feeling run down and crappy send her a message and let her know. Seriously, I feel like a new person, my mind is clearer, I feel peaceful and calm. JUST WONDERFUL!!! Her main goal is to listen and come up with a plan suited to your needs. She is very affordable and it is NOT an expensive or hard plan to follow! I am soo thankful I listened to myself and called her when I did. It has seriously changed my life for the better and I will keep moving forward with this fantastic new approach to my health and awareness!!! THANK-YOU JEANA!

B.BLake Cowichan