Brain training allows you to have a healthier, more efficient mind by giving you better control of how you use its energy.


What is brain training?

Brain-Training is a non-invasive, holistic approach to brain retraining that enables you to discover the benefits of a balanced brain. We use biofeedback methodology, collecting four-channel recordings of your brainwaves and converting them to a series of musical tones in near real time.

When you give your brain real-time information about its energy levels, you can teach it to calm down or speed up, to shift more smoothly and become more efficient. These changes carry over into your daily life.

What happens during brain training?

Brain training equipment picks up information from sensors (HEG headset or electrodes) placed on your scalp or forehead about how your brain is performing and sends this information to a computer.

Brain training software is told what specific changes you want to make in your brain’s behavior. It sets targets and provides you with biofeedback, such as music or video or games, that start and stop depending on whether or not your brain is hitting its targets. Your brain changes itself. You don’t have to “think about” it or “try”. Your brain gets the feedback when you pay attention to it and moves in the desired direction..

Is brain training right for me?

Trauma, both emotional and physical, can cause a rift in brain function. The imbalance that is left from trauma oftentimes leads to diagnoses of many different ailments and disorders. Since the brain acts as the body's powerhouse, it is crucial to keep it in good condition. Balance in the brain translates to overall balance, both physically and mentally. When there is an imbalance, you are not able to reach your potential because you are not performing at the level of which you are capable. By training the parts necessary to help repair that imbalance, you are given the opportunity to live a new, better life with optimal brain function.

What can I improve with brain training?

Different types of biofeedback training in different areas of the brain can help you:

  • Strengthen attention, focus, learning, memory, creativity and intuition;
  • Gain greater control of behavior, emotions, and racing thoughts;
  • Brighten and stabilize mood and deal with past traumatic experience;
  • Improve sleep, appetite and other physical functions;
  • Overcome chronic pain and fatigue conditions;
  • Rehabilitate head injuries, seizure activity, migraines and irritable bowel;
  • Improve your ability to stay in “the zone” and perform at your peak.