View and interpret your individual energy levels, stress levels, and the balance of your organs and their unique systems.


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What is Bio-Well reading?

Based on the Kirlian efffect, a Bio Well reading allows us to look at the human energy field, your energy field. Being able to view the full scope of your energy field, we can begin to analyze your unique areas, we help restore and realign and provide balancing solutions.

A Bio Well Analysis is designed to give us a holistic view of your wellbeing.

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How does a reading work?

The reading is performed using a Bio-Well GDV camera, which is a type of camera that reads your energy levels when you put your finger inside of it. The reading will determine what kind of physical stress that you are experiencing by interpreting the different kinds of energy that you possess.

The two different kinds of energy are red energy and black energy:
Red energy is more reactive. This means that it is more of a random occurrence in the body, rather than a long-term one. This may be as simple as inflammation, whether it be in the head, the spine, the feet, or anywhere else in the body.

Black energy, on the other hand, is more like a blockage in the biofield. It usually symbolizes a chronic condition. Unlike red, it has long-lasting effects. It may be chronic depression, chronic pain, or even postnatal depression.

What are the benefits of a Bio-well reading?

Once the reading is complete, we are able to view and interpret your individual energy levels, your stress levels, and the balance of your organs and their unique systems. These complex systems actually have the capability to transform your thoughts, your mood, your balance and your perception.


Change You Outlook

After you get your results and you begin to understand your energy, you can make the changes necessary to help repair the imbalances that you are experiencing. One of the techniques that we suggest is another offered service, called Bio-cor balancing. A bio-cor balancing session fits your specific needs, as it is designed based on the imbalances that you have.

What is Bio-cor balancing?

After the human energy field reading takes place, we are left with a result that highlights the imbalances that you are experiencing. Based on those imbalances, a personalized bio-cor balancing session can be implemented.

The Bio-cor balancing technology uses frequencies in music, based on your energy's frequencies, to help you repair your imbalances. The music is a mere 10 minutes long and is created in Tibet using 7 Tibetan bowls. The music is adapted to your personal needs to assure that you experience the balance that you need.

How does Bio-cor balancing work?

The practice works by using binaural beats. Binaural beats are vague sounds that can change in frequency to affect the brain. By using these frequencies, we are able to restore balance to your energy's frequency. In a way, we are supplementing your brainwaves with what they are craving. The ranging frequencies help you combat anything that you may be experiencing due to an imbalance in brain function or a blockage in your human energy field.

Binaural beats have also been known for: Inducing relaxation, assisting meditation, fueling creativity, and producting desirable mental states.

How does it promote better health?

By combating your imbalances, Bio-cor balancing promotes better health of the mind. Once you have achieved a healthy mind, the pain or maladies that you face may shift. The brain is in charge of everything that you feel. Pain receptors are part of the nervous system, which is controlled by the brain. By aiding your mental health, you automatically aid your physical health as well. Binaural beats used in Bio-cor technology can help transform your pain and create a healthier, happier you.