Imaginal Neuroscience

“You don’t have anything if you don’t have your health” is a statement that you’ll hear repeated throughout your lifetime, and it’s true; we experience our entire lives from within a meaty spaceship occupying such a short amount of time in this vast universe. The control hub of that spaceship lies behind your eyes and between your ears. Your brain is what holds who you are; not just your bodily functions, but also your analytic mind and your esoteric soul. It sustains your quality of life just by being what it is, so it would make sense that you would want as many insights into the wellness of the physical structure that supports the intangible “you” – right?

Society in general seems to be in agreement that your mental function starts to decline once you pass through early adulthood. There’s a certain kind of black comedy that surrounds it in our modern culture, as the inevitable decline into old age, the recursion of dependency, is always lurking just around the corner. Your perception of life becomes duller and duller with repeated exposure to the same things and the fatigue of age that zaps dynamic, zestful brainpower that once seemed so limitless in youth. Worse than that, for some, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other daunting degenerative diseases loom ahead through family history.

What if that didn’t have to be the case?


It doesn’t have to be. A rebirth of brainpower is possible, and neuroscience has the answers.

Neuroscience is easily the hottest science on earth. The more we understand about the brain, the more we can work towards the realities in the future of transhumanism and immortality. These things once seemed relegated to the hopeful wishing of science fiction, but even now we come closer and closer with seemingly unrelated steps in medical technology like 3D printed organs and glasses that help the colorblind to differentiate hues. This is an exciting era in history for neuroscience especially, however. Many studies have opened up new frontiers for what was once considered impossible or bizarre to be reachable realities.

_Image_Imaginal_BrainMany of the discoveries in this field can be used to benefit you right now; by harmonizing your mind and body, we can improve the quality of your complete human spirit and continue to support it on a path of discovery in a naturally balanced, self-loving, and limitless state.